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updated August 2016

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Audiotext made for Summercamp ProjectProject's show, Unseen

My book Cut Both Ways was included in Shoebox's presentation for the exhibition, Welcome!, Fine Arts Gallery, Cal State Los Angeles, CA

A sculpture and three panels from Living Together were shown in a group exhibition, Content: An Art Show, at Last Projects, Hollywood, CA. Also did a crowd-sourced piece the night of the opening

Began graduate thesis: analysis of status of Virginia Satir's family therapy model via literature and interviews with experts

Ended MFT traineeship with 1137 total hours toward my final 3000 for licensure



Performed Noise as Opening at Olga's studio for Fruits of our Labor alongside LA Fog and an installation by Michael Bizon. It rained. Olga made the best BBQ I've ever put in my mouth.

Deep Crack on The People: With Kristin Cammermeyer and Claire Rifelj, Notes from Catherine G. Wagley and music from Deep Crack (Janne Zirkle Larsen & Jay Erker)

Existential crisis.

Living Together at Eastside International. 9/12/15-10/10/15. Press: David Bell, Notes on Looking

September: Began seeing individual clients; intense.

Lawn Ornaments at Outside Gallery. I made a ceramic head with exotic looking plants coming out of its eyes. Love the title I gave it: an odd rumpled man exploding with ideas.

June: Began seeing families for traineeship; not so bad.

Parkfield residency, thanks Geoff and David for a swell time. Text for Parkfield Review.

Two performances at Gong Show, Eastside International. April 4th and April 12th. That was a lot of fun and very raunchy. You know who you are.

Guest on the charming mistakes of my youth on KCHUNG, hosted by Susannah Tantemsapya.

Trance Object at Primo Lane, Outpost Projects, Joshua Tree, CA



Packed&Jammed, co-curated with Michelle Carla Handel, Nov 4-Dec 4th, 2014 at Glendale Community College;

Reading Beneath The Frame presented on Oct 12, 2014, during Open Press: Part One; Part Two, Part Three. Press: Open Press by Amanda Ackerman

August 24th: Started the MFT program at CSUN

Performed for: Fright Catalog by Joseph Mosconi

All Things Give Way at PØST, Kamikaze. Press: An Art Space With A New Exhibition Everyday in July, LA Downtown News, 7/14/14

National Pride, curated by Jay Lizo at POST, Kamikaze, 7/4/14

Presentation: Invitation to Collaborate presentation at Open Engagement Press: ArtFCity

Deck of Instructions from Invitation to Collaborate: Art Work

Weekend closed.



Presentation of Artists in Everyday Life presented at FOCA and Claremont Graduate University

Guru Rugu and Jay Erker with Matt Timmons and Ben White on The People onKCHUNG

Free Childcare Provided at Tete-a-Tete

Fireside Chat, at Familiar Unfamiliar, Wonder Valley, CA

Walk It Out (Video, 1 min, 3 sec); as part of Leg Room at Projector Projects, Los Angeles, CA

Invitation to Collaborate: Art Work (Facebook Project)

Talk, Home is Where the Art Is, Highland House.

Interview with Mathew Timmons and Ben White on The People on KCHUNG. Begins about half way through the clip.

Conversation with Jack Heard; Me reading Wallace Steven's "The Man With The Blue Guitar"; Jack reading; on Reading Radio on KCHUNG


The Humans Are Presents. Press: Cliff Eberly, Los Angeles, I'm Yours

Reduced role of aesthetics, concentrated more on experiential projects.

Cut Both Ways, Shoebox Gallery


This Is So Much Better, solo show at Weekend, Dec. 2-18th, 2011

April 1st: Opened Weekend in Los Feliz.



Moved back to Los Angeles in December.



Eastside International

Actual Size

Commonwealth & Council


Summercamp's ProjectProject

Insert Blanc Press

John Mills - Future Paint

Another Righteous Transfer (Carol Cheh)

Notes on Looking (Geoff Tuck/David Bell)

Manual History Machines

Monte Vista

Outpost Projects

Curate Joshua Tree


The Property

Shoebox Gallery

Daliy Routines