"Fireside Chat, Wonder Valley, CA" took place in October 2013 during an exhibition in Wonder Valley, CA. The desert is often thought of as a contemplative space and in that spirit we spoke about events, both real and imagined, that changed or affected our lives in some profound way.

The Familiar Unfamiliar, Curated by Manual History Machines, Wonder Valley, CA - One Day Event on October 19, 2013 featuring works by Daniela Campins, Julia Haft-Candell, Lisa Rybovich Crallé, Jay Erker, Llewelynn Fletcher, Elizabeth Folk, Helen Rebekah Garber, Rema Ghuloum, Kio Griffith, Michelle Carla Handel, Kyla Hansen, Nathan Huff, Andy Kolar, Bessie Kunath, Tina Linville, Nick Loewen, Nancy Lupo, Danielle McCullough, John Mills, Tracy Molis, Esmeralda Montes, Max Presneill, Gabriel Remon, Cassie Riger, Jill Spector, Katie Szymanski, Ian Trout, Devon Tsuno, Shanna Waddell, Tessie Whitmore, and Suné Woods.