"Free Childcare Provided" was an interaction completed during the opening of an all woman exhibition. During the opening I watched over the children of artists and guests and collaborated with the children and attendants of the show in creating works on paper.


Tête à Tête curated by Michelle Carla Handel, at RAID Projects, Los Angeles, September 7-28, 2013. Featuring works and performances by Tania Jazz Alvarez, Carmen Argote, Shagha Ariannia   & Meital Yaniv of Project Flower, April Bey, Jay Erker, Kate Gilbert, Rachel Hecker, Danielle McCullough, Annelie McKenzie, Susan Mogul, Alma Love with Gala Porras-Kim, Molly Shea, Marisa Williamson, Jessica Wimbley, Kim Ye & Veronique D'Entremont.