Living Together


Living Together took place from 9/12/15 - 10/10/15, at Eastside International.

Living Together was an interactive installation comprised of a structure, sculptures, and transitional objects made by Jay Erker as well as artist books, sound, and sculptures made in collaboration with artists Suzanne Adelman, Jack Bangerter, David L. Bell, Sarah Bostwick, Kate Brown, Jen Bruce, Tuni Chatterji, Angel Chen, Andrew Choate, Greg Curtis, Mark Flores, Yaron Michael Hakim, Michelle Carla Handel, Jonathon Hornedo, Cole James, Pamela Jorden, Gelare Khoshgozaran, Hyeon Jung Kim, Molly Larkey, Janne Larsen, Karen Lofgren, Chris Niemi, Marcus Perez, John Pearson, Jason Ramos, David Richards, Rachelle Rojany, Yoshie Sakai, Alex Sanchez, Jimena Sarno, Geneva Skeen, Jamaal Hasef Tolbert, Geoff Tuck, Stephen van Dyke, Keith Walsh, Ben White, and Habib Kheradyar Zamani. Many aspects of the installation changed over time due to the participatory nature of the exhibition.

On 9/26/15, Inner Dinner provided a dining experience inspired by the concepts behind Living Together with a reading/performance by Inner Dinner member, Andrew Choate. During the closing on 10/10/15, Santos R. Vasquez read selections from his writings and Reader's Chorus performed a text written by Jay.

Inner Dinner is a collaboration between Chris Niemi, Andrew Choate, and Janne Larsen. This dining collective seeks to provide dinners that are artistic experiences. In collaboration with artists, Inner Dinner seeks to make art in relation to, out of, and in the context of a particular body of visual artwork. Each course including the ingredients, presentation and final taste is made for the context of seeing, contemplating and understanding the artwork made.

The Reader’s Chorus consists of composers and musicians, visual artists and filmmakers, writers and poets. Inspired by the possibilities for experimentation with a group of speaking voices, the Reader's Chorus, develops, arranges and performs existing and original text based compositions.




Pics: 1) Exterior wall prior to opening; 2) Interior prior to opening; 3) Opening attendees perusing artist books; 4) Jay reading invocation text during opening; 5) Detail of Deep Crack collaboration record; 6) Inner Dinner: table; 7) Inner Dinner: Andrew Choate performs; 8) Inner Dinner: Janne Larsen serves dessert; 9) Closing: exterior wall, collaborative sculpture: Jay Erker, Karen Lofgren, and Mark Flores;10) Closing: Reader's Chorus performance of Jay's invocation text; 11) GIF animations of selected artist books: a) Jen Bruce; b) Michelle Carla Handel; c) Keith Walsh. Credit: GIFs and most pics by John Pearson; others: Kimo Proudfoot, Inner Dinner, Jason Ramos.